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2017 Fellows

headshot of Annick Anctil

Dr. Annick Anctil
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mentor:  Dr. Laura Schmitt-Olabisi

headshot of Andre Benard

Dr. André Bénard
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mentor:  Dr. Ramani Narayan

Headshot of Timothy Gates

Dr. Timothy Gates
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mentor:  Dr. Mark Wilson

Jennifer Hodbod, headshot

Dr. Jennifer Hodbod
Department of Community Sustainability
Mentor:  Dr. Bruno Basso


headshot of Amor Ines

Dr. Amor Ines
Department of Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences
Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
Mentor:  Dr. Jeffrey Andresen


headshot of suk kyung kim

Dr. Suk-Kyung Kim 
School of Planning, Design, and Construction
Mentor:  Dr. Rigoberto Burgueño


heashot of Brent Ross

Dr. R. Brent Ross 
Department of Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics
Mentor:  Dr. Judith Whipple


Jason Rowntree headshot

Dr. Jason Rowntree
Department of Animal Science
Mentor:  Dr. Jinhua Zhao


headshot of Ahmet Cagri Ulusoy

Dr. Ahmet Cagri Ulusoy
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mentor:  Dr. Wolfgang Bauer


headshot of Yuying Xie

Dr. Yuying Xie
Department of Computational Mathematics, Science, and Engineering
Department of Statistics
Mentor:  Dr. Evangelyn Alocilja